Carleton McCambridge Fine Art

“As a child, I was fascinated by the illustrations in the Scribner Classics. Inspired by illustrators like N.C. Wyeth, and filled with the allure of the West and its Native cultures, I focus my painting on capturing beauty in form and color. Whether my subject is an animal, still life, person or place, my intent is to give the viewer a sense of harmony and peace. My art does not shock or challenge, instead it is the manifestation of my appreciation for the Creator’s gifts.” Carleton McCambridge

Carleton and his wife, Liz, reside in both Minneapolis and the mountains southwest of Bozeman, Montana, in a home he designed. He has participated in many exhibitions in both areas. Carleton’s representational oil paintings depict the beauty and intrigue of the West.

View his art on his website and at The Dancing Buffalo Gallery in Virginia City, MT.

PO Box 167
65 Dolly Varden Drive
McAllister, MT, 59740
406-682-7806 (phone)