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Baroque Montana Music Concert

Montana Chamber Music SocietyBaroque Music Montana specializes in chamber music inspired by history. The musician roster rotates based on desired instrumentation for repertoire. Concerts are in intimate spaces, for which the music was originally intended, and often on period instruments. Using historical instruments and referencing original manuscripts, iconography, and historical writing fuels our commitment to the music and inspires fresh interpretation. Rather than recreating something old, our aim is to make each performance of this day, of this space, existing because of these musicians and this audience.

The Baroque Period in music was from 1600-1750, beginning with the dawn of opera in northern Italy and concluding with the death of Bach. The purpose of the music was to move the passions, an idea known as Affeckt. Stylistic conventions of musical forms, ornamentation, and pitch, to name a few, varied greatly from region to region and decade to decade throughout Europe.