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Lee Robison Reading

Lee Robison will kick off National Poetry Month at the Elling House on April 4, 2020 at 6:00PM. Lee will read from his recently published book, Have Poems, and also read a poem or two by at least one of the Montana Poet Laureates.

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Poetry is essential to pass along the culture of a people and time. And the poems in Have draw from Lee’s experiences, including his life growing up on a Montana ranch, for their subject matter, imagery and themes. In the poem “Native,” ranch and mining imagery are contrasted with the imagery of Montana’s pre-history to ask to whom does this land belong, and what validates that possession. What is it that make this Madison Valley, this River, these Mountains ours? The poem “Requiem for a Rancher” considers what an old rancher might take with him when he dies? And just how much of him remains in the land and the landscape he formed in his lifetime? These poems, no less than those of Robert Frost, T.S. Elliot, Baxter Black and others, examines the culture, the world as the poet sees it.

Lee is a Madison County Native. He grew up on a ranch about five miles up a dirt road from McAllister, Montana. He earned a BA and an MA from Brigham Young University, and in 1980, he began working for the Indian Health Service, a Federal Agency, in Window Rock, Arizona. His job eventually took him and his family to Maryland, where he spent twenty-two years at the IHS Headquarters as a technical writer.

Lee returned to the Madison Valley in 2013 with his wife Kathy. They live in a house they built on a slice of the old homestead.

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