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Three Notable Women of Montana

This program will present the lives and accomplishments of Myrna Loy, Actress; Molly Atwater, Physician; and Kristen Ruppel, Associate Professor in American Studies at Montana State University.

Myrna Loy was born in Helena and raised in Radersburg, MT. She appeared in many silent films and continued to appear in “talkies” into the 1980s.

Dr. Mollie Atwater worked against the grain of 19th century ideas of womanhood to become a physician. As a result of what was thought proper for women in the 1860’s and 1870s, Dr. Atwater had difficulties finding work as a doctor. She eventually found work as a physician in the mining town of Bannack, Montana.

Kristen Ruppel, Associate Professor in Native American Studies at Montana State University, has made important contributions to the study of federal-Indian trust reform, American Indian self-determination and to research methodologies for working in and with Native communities. She is author of Unearthing Indian Land, a comprehensive examination of the consequences of more than a century of questionable public policies.

The accomplishments and lives of these three women will be presented by three Madison County, Montana, natives: Christina Koch, Claire Leonard, and Pat Bradley.