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Local potter, Kirk Belding, offers his unique pottery. Belding loves to experiment with different clays, techniques shapes and glazes. His primary glazes include a signature “crackle” glaze, and also his unique salt fired pottery. Each piece is loaded into the kiln and then unexpected things happen due to the way the salt and fire interact. Kirk states, “I touch each piece of pottery an average of 20 times from clay to finish. I would like each of my pieces to have a whimsical personality, both in use and on the shelf.”

The Pottery. Shop will be open 11-5pm, seven days a week and is located at 513 Wallace St. in Virginia City between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

513 Wallace St
P.O. Box 123
Virginia City, MT, 59755
(406) 865-0529 (phone)

Virginia City Gallery
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