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The Lucky Valentines In Concert

The Lucky Valentines are Montana native songwriters Shaun and Jamie Carrier. Their music has been described as “stirring” Americana, “straight from the heart.” Married on February 14, 2010 they have been playing music for the whole of their life together. Crafting songs rooted in honest, raw emotion and blending sounds from alt-country, rock-n-roll, indie, and folk; they span themes of joy and pain in the face of life’s trials. They borrow inspiration from their own experience, observation, and the beautiful, lonesome landscape and history of north-central Montana. Their 2016 independent release “Lion in the Garden” is a collection of songs that explore betrayal, loss, and joy. The Lucky Valentines have a setlist with over 2 hours of original music, both upbeat and slow tunes. The two use guitars, vocals and violin to create a unique, yet familiar sound.

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